The 44 Forever Club

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Welcome to the 44 Forever Club web site. Pages are password protected and can only be viewed by those members in good standing. Forget your password? Please contact us at for details.
A lot of work goes into what we do behind the scenes. Everyone who makes this Club possible is on their own time. A labor of love and a passion to keep the camaraderie of all the men and women who pass through the doors of the 44th Precinct alive! Building a web site can't be done alone! We welcome letters, notes, cards, and just love to post pictures! Please let us know if you have some photos you would like to share!
Not receiving Email? Are you a member in good standing? Have you moved or changed your Email account? We won't know this unless you tell us! Every member with an Email address should be receiving Club Email at least once a month! Check your spam or junk mail folder first. Then give us a call or send us an Email to make sure your Email address hasn't fallen off the database (which sometimes happens).
The next web page is the Club Application page and is available to all users.
To all who enter herein........We missed you! Welcome back! Or should we say, Welcome Home! 


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